Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

About GROW

Expansion through innovation

GROW is a joint research program in offshore wind that initiates research and accelerates innovations. GROW's strength lies in its ability to run focused, sequential and complementary RD&D activities. The consortium includes around 20 leading and committed partners that cooperate closely to conduct joint research. Short lines of communication, trust and exchange of experience and knowledge are all significant contributions to the success of GROW.

GROW partners work together to reduce the costs of offshore wind and to increase the value of wind energy in the energy system and the ecosystem. Furthermore, GROW creates the visibility of the projects and the partners involved by showing the innovative capacity of the Dutch offshore wind sector. GROW also represents the interest of its partners related to R&D policies and measures in offshore wind, and stimulates co-operation with small and medium enterprises and higher education.

GROW stands for:


Three objectives

GROW strives to expand the role of offshore wind in the energy system and therefore has the following objectives:


GROW Foundation

In realising these objectives, the GROW program and the individual partners are supported by the GROW Foundation. The GROW Foundation strives to stimulate further cooperation and exchange of information between the partners, and monitors and steers the development of the overall program. The board of the GROW Foundation constitutes of the following persons:

Jan van der Tempel (Ampelmann/DOT) - Chairman
Fred van Beers (Sif) - Secretary
Marcel van Bergen (Boskalis) - Treasurer
Tim van der Hagen (TU Delft)
Erik van Iperen (Shell)

GROW program office

The GROW Foundation and consortium are supported by a program office. The office initiates, coordinates and provides reporting for the RD&D projects of the partners. The office is run by:

 - Director

 - Program Manager

 - Office Manager

 - Communication Manager

 - Controller

Schematic overview of all GROW Partners
GROW partners