Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

FlexH2 starts today

Our Flexible Offshore Wind Hydrogen Power Plant Module (FlexH2) project starts today. With this project, we will make a significant step in the development of the technology necessary to integrate large amounts of offshore wind energy into the energy system. To aim is to significantly reduce the investment costs for the offshore wind transmission infrastructure and to increase the flexibility for shifting between electricity and hydrogen production.

By aligning innovations across the energy conversion route – from the offshore wind turbine to the onshore delivery to an electrolyser - the cost of hydrogen production could be reduced by at least 10%, and well before 2030.

FlexH2 is based on three key technological innovation pillars:

  1. a grid-forming offshore wind farm,
  2. a high-performance AC/DC solid-state transformer for large-scale electrolysers, and
  3. a multi-terminal hybrid HVDC transmission system and its energy system integration.

The project will determine the optimal design and operational solutions for these pillars. FlexH2 will also demonstrate the feasibility and inter-operability of these key technologies at a medium voltage level, which is crucial to boost the confidence of the FlexH2 concept for application in commercial projects.

            FlexH2 starts today