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Project in the spotlight: HyPE-ST

Sustainable monopile decommissioning, one step closer to circularity

TKI Wind op Zee produced and released an informative video about The Hydraulic Pile Extraction - Scale Tests (HyPE-ST) project. The aim of the project is to increase the fundamental understanding of the hydraulic extraction of monopiles from the seabed. The project was carried out by the GROW consortium and coordinated by Innogy and Deltares.

This video informs about the technique and the scale tests. The project team conducted tests in the test basins of Deltares to better understand the interaction between the pile and the ground during extraction. The test provided essential understanding on the breakout pressure of the pile. This knowledge is necessary before the sector can apply safely and efficiently this extraction technique on a full scale.

            Scale test HyPE-ST, source TKI Wind op Zee
Scale test HyPE-ST, source TKI Wind op Zee